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"Gurt Lush" Lamb

At the naked farmer we’re passionate about producing the best quality Gurt Lush lamb, from grass with zero antibiotics as honestly and openly as possible.

We aim to produce super tasty lamb at a price that is fair to the farmer (me) at a great value price to the customer (you) transparently and completely traceably like no other. We carefully select the right breeds of sheep to suit our extensive system, that will perform well on grass and sunshine alone. We allow our lambs to wean themselves naturally to avoid stress. We guarantee that our lambs have never been treated with antibiotics and that our lambs are fed on grass, we don’t use any concentrate feed. Our pastures contain over 20 different varieties of mostly native grasses, clovers and herbs. This means our lambs grow at a pace dictated by nature not markets. This gives our lamb a naturally sweeter flavour, our lamb tastes like lamb! We believe in low food miles. Our lambs are killed, butchered and packed all within 4 miles of our farm. We dry hang everything whole and on the bone. We offer a fully bespoke butchery service, with lambs being cut to order the way you want it.


Our lambs have NEVER been treated with antibiotics or organo phosphate sheep dips. We’re fully farm assured as part of the red tractor scheme, the UK’s largest farm assurance organisation and Pasture for life, giving complete peace of mind that our lambs really are 100% pasture fed. We use no synthetic fertilizers, our sheep naturally produce most of what we need, we do spread some carbon neutral digestate from the Wyke Farms bio digester. The digestate is cow manure with the gas taken off to make green electricity. You would be directly supporting a small first time farmer as well as a number of other small family businesses we rely on.


We’re a small family business and I’m living my dream of being my own boss farming sheep. We produce premium quality lamb at a price that is both fair to the farmer (me) and to the customer (you). We believe in farming sustainably in a way that embraces nature and wildlife whilst offering complete traceability like no other!


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