How it works

Tell your story: create a profile, tell people who you are and promote your produce in just a few clicks. Receive instant free online exposure to restaurants and caterers.

Stay in control: list as many products as you like, set your own pricing, adjust it whenever you want and start selling to restaurants and caterers

Focus on what you like and leave the rest to us: we take care of the administrative burden. The days of chasing clients for your money are over. All transactions are handled through the platform.


Why Source Ethically

Restaurants and caterers can be one of the best markets for growers like you to sell high­quality fresh produce. You might have found it difficult marketing to restaurants in the past due to having limited resources. If you managed to find a restaurant interested in your produce, then you are put off by the commercial terms, often having to chase payment.

With Ordr.Kitchen (O.K), our goal is to forge a direct connection between you restaurants and suppliers by providing restaurants with a marketplace to discover and transact with local, small scale and premium producers, promoting ethical and environmentally­friendly farming whilst eliminating administrative and logistical barriers currently preventing local farmers from selling to restaurants.