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What is the deadline to make an order?

When you order on the Order.kitchen platform, your produce are hand-picked when needed so it will arrive as fresh as it possibly can be. Therefore, most of our producers need a minimum of 1 day notice (including the delivery day) to prepare your order. Each of the producers on the platform will explain in more details about their delivery procedure.

How do I reset my password?

There is a “Forgotten Password” link on the sign-in page: click on this, then enter your email address, and follow the instructions in the reset email.

How are refunds managed?

Refunds are paid back to the card saved in your account settings, and are processed by our pay provider, Stripe Connect. Because your money doesn’t come to us directly, there are a few more security checks that have to be done, and refunds take a bit longer – up to 14 business days after the relevant delivery date.

What is your refunds policy?

If a part of your order is missing, damaged, poor quality or not what you ordered, we really want to know about it. Feedback is important for us to improve, and pictures of poor quality items help us to show our producers what went wrong, so please include them if you can. We can then refund you right away, or give you a voucher to cover the cost of the item.

Why do I need to pay in advance?

In addition to help making the food chain more sustainable, our mission is to help small farms prosper and part of this is guaranteeing a sale for our farmers and producers. Typically, farmers are asked to deliver their food without payment, and then they have to wait for weeks – sometimes months – to be paid. We ask our chefs to pay upfront to make sure that our hard working producers can run a healthy business. Everything is picked or made to order, but if the worst happens and something doesn’t arrive, we will refund you straight away.

How will my cold food stay fresh?

All chilled food is packed in thermal packaging, which is guaranteed to keep your food safely refrigerated under 5°C until it is delivered to your address. Fresh fruit, veg and dry goods are packed in an open box.

Can I choose my delivery day and time?

On each producer’s profile header you will be able to see in green the days when they usually deliver. In addition, below the delivery availability, each producer provides their specific delivery details. Usually, most of our producers will pack your produce so that you receive them in the morning

Where do you deliver?

We have created Ordr.kitchen to help chefs source directly from local producer. Therefore, your food should never be too far away from your restaurants. Some producers can deliver in a 140 miles radius around the farm while some other will only have the flexibility within a 10 miles radius from the farm. Please check on each vendor profile whether they will be able to deliver to you and his own delivery conditions. Any doubt, please contact us at hello@ordr.kitchen.

What happens if something I ordered is not available?

Most of the time, your order will arrive as expected – but there can be times where an item isn’t ready to be picked, or fish aren’t around to be caught, for example. At the moment, we cannot offer you the possibility to receive substitutes for your orders.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Your card will be charged upfront but your funds will be released to the producer that you are buying from only when the product have been delivered to you.

Can I change my order?

At the moment it’s not possible to remove something or cancel an order through the site and we are working hard to soon be able to offer you this functionality.

Orders can be cancelled, but only depending on the producer’s flexibility from whom you are buying from. If an order cancellation is accepted, please note we will not be able to refund for anything apart from storable goods.

Is there a minimum spend?

We want it to be smooth sailing for you to buy fresh, local produce directly from the source. There is no minimum order but depending on the producer that you are buying from a delivery charge will be added to all orders under a certain threshold to make sure they are covering their costs.

I think I’ve found a problem with the website, what should I do?

If you’ve seen our 404 error page, try refreshing the page; this should do the trick, but if not, please drop us a line at support@ordr.kitchen It will really help us if you can tell us what you were looking at, clicking on, or trying to do when you encountered the issue – and if you can send a print-screen, that’s great too.

If something isn’t right when you’re checking out your order, it could be a temporary hiccup with your card. Please try another one if you can, and if this doesn’t work, please let us know.

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