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Discover and buy from a wide range of  award-winning, small, local farmers and artisan makers

Compare prices, select and buy your produce from multiple suppliers in one transaction, and manage your orders and deliveries in real time

Provide your customers with the trust and confidence that your food comes from ethical, sustainable, and fully traceable sources


Source from small local farms and producers

Food provenance, traceability, and environmental impact continues to grow in importance, not only to consumers cooking at home but also increasingly to people when eating out.

As a busy professional kitchen, it can be difficult identifying smaller suppliers who will enable you to move to a more sustainable way of sourcing high quality produce. Sourcing from small local farms can become unviable as it raises the obvious challenges around the availability of supply, certainty of delivery and administrative burden from food ordering to invoicing.

Ordr.kitchen’ s mission is to connect you directly with local producers, allowing you to buy premium produce. When you order through Ordr.kitchen you satisfy your customers growing demand for ethically and environmentally friendly produce while helping small farms prosper, participate in making the food chain more efficient and reduce your carbon footprint.